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If you sell any kind of intangible products online like ebooks, software, apps, etc.. having a good looking "virtual" cover for your product is a must. A nice 3D eCover adds more perceived value to your product, it makes you stand out from the competition, it makes your product look more professional, it's great for branding, etc..

There's a lot of good reasons why you need a nice 3D eCover for your product. And that's why I want to give you some tools to help you create AWESOME 3D eCovers.


"Fast & Easy eCovers" is a collection of PSD smart templates that automatically create photo realistic 3D eCovers, all within Photoshop (requires Photoshop CS4 or higher). So if you already have Photoshop, you're all set... you don't need any other 3D making software, AND you just need some very basic Photoshop experience.

Even a Complete Design Newbie Can
Create Photo Realistic eCovers in 3 Steps...

When it comes to creating 3D eCovers, Photoshop smart templates are hands down the best way to go. They're faster and easier to use than action scripts. And Photoshop creates much better results than any other stand alone "eCover makers" out there. Now that you know how smart templates work, let me show you what you get with "Fast & Easy eCovers"...

Module #1: Individual eCover Smart Templates

This module contains 9 different eCover smart templates that create different type of eCovers in different angles. Each eCover has been carefully hand crafted to make it look as realistic and high quality as possible, while at the same time making it fast loading. All of these eCovers are in high resolution (300 DPI) and can be used for print. Another cool thing about these eCovers is they all have very similar perspectives, so they can easily be combined into "bundles" (you'll see what I mean in module 2).

Note: The sample images below are scaled down for the web. The actual PSD templates are much bigger in size and can be used for print (300 PDI).

Module #2: "Bundle" eCover Smart Templates

If you ever sell bundles of multiple products, then this module will be a HUGE time saver for you. It contains 8 different sets of eCover "bundles" that come with multiple product shots like: multiple books, books with CDs, software boxes with CDs, etc.. They work just like the individual eCovers, but now the smart layers will update multiple 3D eCovers at the same time. So instead of rendering 1 eCover into 3D at a time, and then manually combining them into bundles... you can use these pre-created templates to automatically render several 3D eCovers at once. Something that took several hours before to create, now takes just a few minutes!

Grab Everything For One Low Price...

When it comes to getting a quality 3D eCover created, the prices usually range anywhere from $50 - $100 or more for a custom design. There are also other eCover makers out there that cost anywhere from $27 - $197.

I wanted to make "Fast & Easy eCovers" affordable for everyone, and the price I came up with is...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try the product for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund. 
So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

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