Feb 14

Fast and Easy eCover: Brand new 3D eCovers

  • Sumo

I have something really cool for you today.

Fast and Easy eCovers
Brand new 3D eCovers

I get tons of requests to create more 3D eCovers, so I did…

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Fast and Easy eCovers is a brand new set of smart templates created by me personally.

These smart templates create photo realistic 3D eCovers in literally just a few minutes.

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All of these smart templates are in 300 DPI print resolution, so they can be used on both your web and print projects.

Plus, the really cool thing about these templates, is that I also created “bundle sets” of different eCovers together like: Multiple books in a row, software boxes with CDs next to them,all the different covers together, etc…

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Best Regards,
Bernard Lamonnier