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Remember... We pay your Commissions Instantly! No more waiting for checks or crappy minimum payment amounts. If you made the got the payment Immediately ;-)

Mail them to your readers, put them on your website, use PPC or other advertising to promote Instant Commissions Affiliate Program.

If they click and buya product, 20 to 100% (depending on the product) will be paid directly to you for 100% of your sales!

Noted: We use global shared affiliate so that you can register affiliate for any products from and login to affiliate reseller to get affiliate links for all products. If you send visitor through your affiliate link with product A but visitor buy product B, you can also be credited.


Commissions work a little differently than you may be used to. Instead of receiving x% of each sale, you will receive 100% commissions on 100% of your sales.

This works out to the same amount, but allows you to be paid for your sales immediately into your Paypal account.

Here's how it works

Examples of Main Product and OTO (optional) Commission Payouts:

50% 60% 75%
1st Sale Us 1st Sale Us 1st Sale Us
2nd Sale YOU 2nd Sale YOU 2nd Sale YOU
3rd Sale Us 3rd Sale YOU 3rd Sale YOU
4th Sale YOU 4th Sale Us 4th Sale YOU

... Sales continue to rotate as above

How does the possible 'one time offer' (OTO) work?

After your customer purchases the main product they will see another possible great offer before reaching the download page. This will generally be a related product offered at an attractive discount but your customer will only see it once.

Payment of Commissions....Instant!

Commissions are delivered straight to your PayPal account upon the sale. NO Waiting for monthly or bi-monthly payments.

You must have a Premier or Business account in order to receive affiliate payments. Personal Paypal accounts are limited in the amount of funds and types of payments they can receive. To open a free PayPal account or upgrade your personal one, visit Paypal here.

My products's affiliate system has been specifically designed to do this. Your affiliate ID is your Paypal email address or the "Nickname" that you choose below. NO Waiting for monthly or bi-monthly payments.

Affiliate Agreement

Affiliates must read and accept the terms of the affiliate agreement before you sign up and start promoting any product on the website.

Spam Policy


By signing up, you must agree to promote this site by legal and ethical advertising methods only. You MUST NOT use spam to advertise this or any other product on this website.

Affiliates who spam will have their accounts removed immediately and reported to the correct authorities.

I'm very strict about keeping this site 100% spam free! If you agree to this, then you may sign up as an affiliate using the form below.

Refund Policy

Since you will be paid directly from the customer for 100% of the sales, you are required to honor my 100% refund policy (current refund rate is less than 1 percent).

Should you have to refund a customer who paid you, the system automatically recalculates commissions so that your payouts are immediately put back on track.

No unethical or misleading advertising practices

This can mean many things but I'll cover some, but not limited to - using fake testimonials/reviews, copying the contents of our site, marketing to totally irrelevant market segments, and more. Do any of these or any questionable marketing tactics, and your affiliate account is going to be banned for good.

No buying through your own affiliate link

You can choose to buy any of our products but you won't get any affiliate commission rebated back to you.

Sign up as an Affiliate and Earn $ Commissions Direct to Your Paypal Account - Over and Over again!

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We will be sending you updates and alerts of new products we add to which you can promote for 100% commissions so please keep an eye out for emails from us :)

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